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Mission trip to Kenya - November- 2017

Dear Partners and friends in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As you all know from my previous blog I went to Kenya on a mission trip along with my brother Rev. Abraham Philip for two weeks in the month of November, 2017. We had a very powerful ladies ministry, pastors leadership conference, and medical camps. I examined close to 200 patients and gave them all free medications. We were able to distribute some clothes to poor people of Masai community, support some pastors financially to complete their unfinished church constructions and also help some poor women.

I am posting below the testimony I received from the pastor who invited us to Kenya and also who coordinated our whole mission trip. I think his own words will speak more than I can express to let you know what a blessed ministry we had there. All glory and honor goes to our Lord Jesus Christ who gave us the unique opportunity of sharing the love of Christ with our dear brothers and sisters in Christ in Nairobi and Narok in Kenya.

Dear Dr. Rachel,

Greetings in Christ from Narok Kenya which is currently hot and dusty. The Lord has surely been good to us. I am so glad to hear that you made it back safely to the USA. Thank you very much for such a wonderful and heart-warming message. Our Church elders were talking about you yesterday that you are a good teacher, good preacher and full of compassion. They miss you very much. We appreciate great sacrifices you made and many risks you took to be with us in Kenya and in Narok. All of us here will never forget you. The love offering you gave us enabled us to buy mattresses for the youth in our annual Church youth camp 2017 which we held from 5th to 9th December at the Olooltoto Nassau village Church. Thanks for such a generous support. We also held another annual event on Christmas day called Big Meal 2017 in which we celebrate together and enjoy meals with needy children and their families at the Church. This year we did that in four of our branches in Kenya, at Narok prison and in two of our branches in the country of Tanzania. The Olooltoto church had the largest number of children in attendance at 350 children. We fed about 850 children in the 2017 Big Meal events in Kenya and Tanzania. Glory to God. We also had a Thanksgiving celebration in Narok on 16th December.

We thank you very much for preaching to us and for treating us. One Nassau woman whom you treated at the conference venue in Narok gave a testimony in Church one week after you left saying that she has suffered for a long time with womb complications but when you prayed with her and gave her drugs she used them and got healed. That was amazing. Many testimonies have been said by many who were healed and transformed by your teaching and treatment. They are asking when you and Dr. Abraham are coming back. They cannot wait to welcome you back. Your love for the people in Kenya was life-changing. Please tell your husband that we appreciate him for allowing you to come to Kenya. We are sorry for the cooking time he had to spend in the kitchen while you were away. But let him know that it was worth doing that. Lives were changed for the glory of God.

We trust God to prepare you for the India mission in 2018. We also trust God to bring you and your children to Kenya for a powerful mission for a longer time. Your time in Kenya was well spent with us. Please greet your children for us. Please give special greetings to your husband. Send our greetings to your grandchildren. Send our greetings to friends who knew that you were coming to Kenya.

My wife, my children, Joyce and all your friends send greetings.



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