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Mission Trip to India-2016

Dear Partners in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

As I wrote in my blog earlier I went on my 4th medical mission and evangelistic ministry trip to India on Oct 25th and returned on Dec 22 after 10 wks of very fruitfull, amazing ministry in southern India.

God gave me great opportunity to go to some of the worst slums in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and examine and give free medications to close to one thousand patients who are living below poverty line. I was able to visit a couple of orphanages and examine some precious children and give free medications besides meeting financially some of their immediate needs like repairing leaking roof of their dorms and give the kids Christmas gifts. God also enabled me to bless some widows financially to take care of their personal needs. God gave me amazing privileges to share the Gospel to many women by way of holding ladies seminars in several churches, could bless more than 300 women with one time lunch after the seminars and had many speaking engagements in several church congregations. Overall it was a blessed ministry. People were touched by our acts of compassion and many non believers came to attend the Gospel meetings after the medical camps because we could demonstrate the love of Christ through our acts of compassion.

The whole mission trip this time was very challenging but I could sense the hand of God upon me and my team all along the way. Though the places where I went had many infectious and mosquito transmitted diseases like Dengue fever, Chikengunya and Malaria God warded me off from all those dangerous infections. In fact while I was there some of the people who hosted me in their houses were down with dengue fever after I left but it did not touch me. I know the presence of God surely went before me. Otherwise there was no way I could have avoided those infections as mosquitos were rampant wherever I went. It was very hard to avoid those infected mosquitos. Many mosquitos bit me all along my way but God made sure that no infected mosquito bit me! I literally experienced God's care every moment of my stay in India and I am so grateful to God for His protection and His timely provision.

I will be posting some pictures and videos of my mission trip for you to understand better all about my mission and vision.

It goes without saying that without your intercessary prayers and financial support I could not have done what God enabled me and my team to do in this mission trip. Thank you, thank you for your love and partnership for missions and love for the less privileged !!

May God bless each one of you who supported me with your words of encouragement, hosted me in your houses( friends in India) with so much of love and affection, for your intercessary prayers, and for your financial support. Without your involvement and participation I would not have been able to go to these places with the Love of Christ and the good news.

God Bless you for your partnership in this out reach ministry of compassion.

In Him,

Rachel Varghese

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