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Information about how to give Donations to FLIM

Faith Ladies International Ministries (FLIM) started by Dr. Rachel Varghese in 2013 to serve the poor and needy in third world countries is not a non-profitable organization. It is a personal vision of Dr. Rachel Varghese to help the poor and needy by conducting free medical camps in remotest parts of third world countries like Africa and India, help orphans and orphanages, help widows, and help poor pastors in remote villages to plant churches by giving financial assistance to buy land for church construction or if they have land then help for construction of sanctuary. Ninety five percent of the financial assistance extended for these needs is Dr. Rachel Varghese's personal and her family contribution. Since the needs are increasing exponentially which cannot be managed with her own finances she is open to receive any financial assistance for these dire needs (from individuals or organizations) which can be donated to another non-profit organization willing to partner with her so that the donors can avail tax benefits.

If you are led by the Holy Spirit in your heart to be a partner in these charitable acts of compassion and propagation of the Gospel, you can kindly send your donations as checks to

Proclamation Ministries,

P.O. Box 9700,

Newark, DE.19714


Please mention in the memo line that the donation is for Faith Ladies International Ministries.

Thanks for your support for the extension of His Kingdom on earth.

God Bless,

Dr. Rachel Varghese

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