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Let your eyes be fixed on Jesus at this time of Corona crisis

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. (Heb 12:2)

Fixing our eyes on Jesus is a concept found throughout scripture.

What is meant by fixing our eyes on Jesus ?

1. Fixing our eyes on His commandments (Psalms 119:6)

2. Fixing our eyes on His ways (Psalms 119:15)

3.Fixing our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen (2Cor 4:18)

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Let me illustrate my own experience to try to understand together what the writer of the book of Hebrews means by saying "Fix your eyes on Jesus."

Few years ago I was on vacation with my daughter in Bahamas Island where we went for snorkling spree. I dont know swimming nevertheless I got into the sea (Gulf of mexico) for two reasons. Firstly because I wanted to be close to my daughter to protect her if she gets into trouble in the deep sea and secondly I wanted to enjoy the beauty of God's creation under water. Of course I had the life jacket on and other head gears to protect me from drowning. Boldly I got into water and for few seconds I enjoyed the amazing beauty of the world of colorful fishes, corals, mountains and valleys under water. A beauty of radiant and inexplicable colors and serene marine life which I was not aware of till I literally saw with my own eyes. As I was enjoying a big wave came by and when I raised my head above water as some highly salty water got into my mouth I found myself almost underneath another boat not our boat which was anchored in another location far away from our boat. As soon as I realized that I was in a danger zone I got into panic attack, I felt I was sinking, got more salty water into my system which made me feel dizzy as if I was getting a heart attack. So immediately I started screaming for my daughter and the rescue crew of my boat for help. My daughter and one of the crew members immediately came to my rescue. I was asked just to hold on to his hand and be calm and float as he was taking me back to my boat. During those few minutes which appeared to me like hours all I was doing was just fix my eyes on my boat and praying asking God somehow to lead me soon to that boat. I was not looking right or left but my eyes were just glued to the boat in which I came to dive into the middle of the sea. Once I reached the steps of the boat I was so relieved though tired but so happy that I was alive. I had to drink liters of water to dilute the amount of salt that entered my body and rest in the boat almost for two hours to become my normal again.

Remember when Jesus asked Peter to walk toward Him on the water? (Matthew 14:29-30)

And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus for some distance. But when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and started to sink he cried out, saying, "Lord, save me!"

Peter was doing great as long as he kept looking at Jesus! But when Peter started looking at circumstances he began to sink! No one knows what lies ahead for any of us. We all have our plans and dreams but things don’t always turn out that way. Sometimes we run into unexpected problems. Sometimes we encounter difficult circumstances and big challenges like corona virus. At that moment we can panic and start sinking like peter or like me in gulf of Mexico or we can fix our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ and walk confidently on the stormy waters of life. If we completely trust in Him, we will find that we have been kept safe by His amazing grace. 

The word “fix” comes from a Greek word “aphorao” It means “to consider attentively”. It means to look away from other things so that you can focus all your attention on one object. Avoiding all distractions of life. The distraction can be the fear of losing our jobs, our family, our pleasures, and comforts. Currently our distraction is the fear of corona pandemic. I am not saying we should not act wisely. We have to meticulously follow all the instructions given to us every day by medical professionals but ultimately our hope and trust should be on God who created us and sent us to this world with a purpose. Unless that purpose is completed He will not call us home. Dire situations will surely cross our path of life, time and again but during all those situations we have to focus on the promises God has given us through the scriptures like "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him from them all. (Psalms 34:19)

So friends do not panic as I panicked while I was snorkling but trust in the Lord and do what is right in this unexpected and challenging situation for He is always with us, walking alongside of us and will carry us through this pandemic when we cannot walk!

My prayer : May the Lord put a hedge of fire around His children that every corona virus trying to attack our bodies may be consumed by His Holy fire and would not dare to touch any of us. Be assured that you are safe in His hands.

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