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Covid Relief ministry in different parts of India in 2020-2021

It is my joy to share with the viewers that God enabled Faith Ladies International Ministries to lessen the pain of people suffering because of the devastating effects of Covid pandemic like losing family members to the pandemic, economic crisis, loss of jobs, no money for medical treatment or buying groceries. We sent donations to Asia mission, a non profitable organization in India to support a family for 3 months who lost their father due to complications of Covid infection. He was a very young, 33 yrs old, Christian evangelist in a  remote  village in India.  We donated bags of groceries (Rice, Dal, Wheat flour, sugar, masks, sanitizers) to 200 families in a very poor village called Chavata close to Chennai. We also supported many poor and orphan families to buy medications when they got infected with Covid. We could give groceries to 11 muslim families in Hyderabad, India which was donated by my Muslim friend and colleague from Pakistan and FLIM also made some contribution towards that food drive.  God enabled FLIM to donate a brand new laptop to a young man who is blind from childhood because of an injury. The funds for the laptop was donated by my son in law and daughter (Stephen Mathew & Lisa Varghese) FLIM is very grateful to them for their act of compassion and Love through Jesus Christ.  FLIM Sponsored 50 pastors in Andhra Pradesh with financial donations for their day to day needs in this time of crisis. FLIM sponsored the expenses of one student studying for Theology in a non-profitable Christian institute in Coimbatore, India. More help is on the way. We are trying to identify where the help is most needed. If anybody is led in your heart to be a part of this charity mission please go to our donation section and make your contribution to Proclamation Ministries which will be channeled to FLIM. 

Mr. Gangadhar Receiving brand new laptop for his college education from Mrs. Renuka Lokander who is my partner in FLIM ministry in India.

Muslim families receiving Covid relief groceries from Faith Ladies International Ministries in Hyderabad, India

Eleven Muslim families received grocery bags which contained Rice, Lentils, wheat flour, spices, oil, and sugar as Covid relief food drive from Faith Ladies International Ministries.

Covid relief being given to 50 pastors in Andhra Pradesh

Pastor Richard introducing Faith Ladies International Christian Ministries to poor Pastors of Andhra Pradesh state, in India

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